Angelo Marasco:  I grew up in an off-the-grid cabin in rural Indiana, raised in a family whose values included living sustainably, making things, and playing music.  My interest in design and woodworking was kindled early on by my father, who was both a furniture builder as well as my primary teacher.  We lived simply and grew all of our own food.  Through this direct connection with nature, I learned to appreciate our climate and how our constructed spaces can respond to and be in sync with our seasons.  Craftsmanship and quality of materials became a primary focus through high school as I worked as a carpenter and ran my own woodworking shop. Throughout college and my years of working in the profession I have developed a love of modern architecture.  I relish the detailing of materials and how buildings go together. I enjoy using 3D modeling as a visual design tool, as well as hand sketching to work through different ideas quickly.  I strive to create sustainable building solutions that are elegantly designed, highly functional, and use space efficiently.  I am a registered architect in the state of Colorado and a LEED accredited professional.