Designing in 3D


We design and work in 3D during most phases of a project. When you think something may work well in a typical plan view, you can test it out in 3D and catch things by virtually navigating through the space.  3D keeps you honest as a designer!

A virtual 3D model also allows you to explore materials and how they will react with  natural daylight within a space. It’s an effective way to test material and finish schemes as well – is it too dark or too light, and how do those finishes look in the overall space and adjacent rooms?

Navigating our 3D models with a (VR) virtual reality headset has brought an entirely new level of immersion for us and our clients when reviewing a design.  The HTC Vive HMD (Head Mounted Display) is a hoot when clients try it on for the first time!  Even though the materials may not be hyper-realistic (yet), you can get a much better sense of the scale and proportions of a room or what it will be like to walk up to your front door and step inside your new home.

Check out one of the various ways we present models to clients below. 

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