Maria Empanada Bakery at Belleview - Getting Close

The Maria Empanada project at the Belleview Promenade in the Tech Center is getting the final touches!  It’s so cool to see the concept coming together and taking shape. We were working with some challenging issues of a pre-existing space – super tall spaces, a narrow wedge shaped floor plan, and limited daylight.  The original scheme was to create a unique experience for the bakery customers - a place that invites people to feel part of a community of Empanada lovers. Our intent was to warm the place up and bring the 17 foot ceilings down to a more human scale. The integration of an elegant wood element comprised of “fins” or “ribs”, along with details which focus on creating a comfortable modern interior, and delicious artisanal fare, will offer foodies a sweet and savory destination!

The custom CNC'd wood ribs were designed with help from Marcel de Lange at 641West Design and were crafted and installed by Growthring Innovations – a team of talented wood workers who specialize in all things custom millwork.  Here’s a sneak peak!