New Project - Maria Empanada

We are excited to be a part of the growth of a great bakery that has outgrown its current location in an eclectic strip mall west of Denver to the booming South Broadway area.  Maria Empanada has become a destination for those who crave authentic Argentinian fare.  They have elevated street food to a truly artisan craft that includes a good dose of love and passion for baking and her home country from the ever energetic owner Lorena Cantarovici.

Our focus has been to help them realize a space that encourages visitors to “eat with their eyes”.  Fresh Empanadas, Tartas, and other Argentinian baked goods will be on full display from the minute you enter the café.  From the outside, the building will pick up on the eclectic and artistic feel that has rejuvenated many of the new spots along South Broadway, while the inside will give visitors a little taste of Argentinian tradition.  From the old great estancias to the classic cafes within Buenos Aries, natives will recognize familiar lighting and material choices.  For newcomers, Lorena hopes they will gain a better appreciation of Argentinian culture by staying for a while and enjoying a perfect cup of espresso classico with a genuine Argentinian treat.

Check out one of the sketches from an early idea below, and check back in for updates!

Concept sketch from the front door as you step inside Maria Empanada.  Copyright 2013 Cadence Design Studio