Lighting a MCM post and beam home

Early lighting study with wall mounted fixtures.  Note that the painting will have it's own dedicated light!

We love the exposed tongue and groove wood ceiling and beams in Krisana Park homes, however this ceiling configuration presents a lot of challenges when it comes to properly illuminating a space.  All the clutter that you don't want to see (junction boxes, wiring, LED drivers, etc.) are exposed when you don't have a ceiling with any depth to hide it all in.

Check out some of the precedents and fixtures we've explored on our Pinterest board here:

Our approach has been to focus on how much of the house can be lit via wall mounted fixtures. Finding a good looking sconce fixture that also provides adequate output can be challenging, however from the images above you can see some fixtures that will perhaps bridge the mid century feel with current technologies like LEDs and their associated drivers.  

In some locations we will use the ridge beam and the space above to mount fixtures on for the kitchen island and general living areas.  More to come soon!

Kitchen lighting study