Modern Horizontal Fences

Other than the landscape, a fence is one of the last finishing touches to urban houses that help bring it all together.  We've used No Hassle Fence in the past and the owner Todd has a crew that moves fast and can handle just about any pattern you can imagine.

Detail at front patio - stiffener mid-span to keep the slats from warping 

It's easy to get carried away with small slats and Todd was very helpful in reigning us back in on what will work in our climate here in Colorado.  The sun is harsh here and typical thin fence boards don't do well when subjected to years of exposure.  We've seen fences in our neighborhood start warping within the first year, and two or three years down the road they really don't look good. 

A few things to keep in mind when selecting a fence and getting pricing:

  1. Check out what the fencing company has done in the past and ask for past projects to visit so you can see how their fences are holding up.
  2. How do they protect boards from warping?  Do they use stiffeners mid-span, or space the posts closer together?  This is important for horizontal fencing!
  3. Do they provide finishing touches like a cap along the top or a cover board over each post?
  4. Don't be afraid to ask for a mock up - they can tack up one section of the fence to test patterns and spacing so you are comfortable with the level of privacy and the overall look.

Side and rear cedar fence pattern - note the cover boards & mid-span stiffeners

We stuck to a simple alternating pattern for the side fence and rear sections, while using a nice high-end hardwood slat pattern for the front patio.  The slats are Fijian Mahogany 5/4" x 6" eased edge decking boards that have been ripped in half, and the sharp edges routed to match.  

Finished hardwood sections before stain

Finished hardwood sections before stain