Advantages of a Custom Home

What are the benefits of starting from scratch?

We do a lot of lovingly updated renovations to existing homes, but sometimes a new build is the only way to go when you are looking for the perfect home for your family and lifestyle.  This can be a challenging endeavor. 

You don’t want to pay top dollar for other people’s taste. You wonder what they were thinking with the layouts. Ultimately, you may choose to buy a home that was designed for someone else – or something generic that appeals to the masses. Often this results in a transitional aesthetic, because the house must be attractive to everyone so that it sells! If you are lucky, you can find a home that’s perfect for you, but it’s rare. If you choose to stay where you are, or renovate, existing conditions may not allow for you to create the layout you really want or the aesthetic that you prefer.


Open living plans might be the trend at the moment, but does it work for your lifestyle? Cabinetry can vary greatly, with lavish designs and ornamentation, when you prefer modern and simple lines. Perhaps the spaces are “updated” with cheap products that anyone could pick up at Home Depot. You can often be swayed because everything looks new. Remember what’s in your wall is equally, if not more, important - and HGTV has probably done the biggest disservice by almost never focusing on systems, windows, and insulation – and only focusing on a quick and unrealistic 2 week renovation with a simple lipstick job. 


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So, what am I getting at? Consider for a moment that this is probably the most expensive investment you will probably ever make. Think about how well-designed spaces can make you feel. Home should not just be a generic 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom place, but rather it should be customized to your individual needs and tastes.

When we designed our own custom home, we carefully considered how we wanted to live and how we wanted to feel while using the home. Space, at least in Denver, is at a premium, and every square inch counts and must be functional. Our list of priorities included naturally lit spaces, connection between interior and exterior, an open loft-like space, modest-sized bedrooms on a 2nd level, an office, and a full height basement that could accommodate our future needs.  Additionally, we wanted to build a “green” home and wanted to be responsible in our product and mechanical system choices. This all led to us building a SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) home with natural and sustainable products – and a design that was decidedly Scandinavian in design and function. The simplicity of the design and materials were thoughtfully considered and we think our home was truly a reflection of our lifestyle.

Contact us if you are thinking about the possibility of a new build!

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