Modern Home Tours Interview

Interview from Denver Modern Home Tours for our Platt Park Modern project.  Check out their web site to see what's in store for the tour being held each year in Denver. 

1.    First off, what is your favorite feature of the home that you think everyone should take notice of on the tour?

Our favorite feature is probably the connection to the outdoor living spaces making the house feel bigger than it is – all the natural light and openness makes the space comfortable.

2. What sort of energy saving technologies did you utilize in this home?

We wanted to create a highly insulated shell, so we used Structural Insulated Panels providing double the typical R Value of conventional framing/insulation, and significantly reducing job site waste.  To match the tight shell we used high-end triple glazed windows by Loewen.  We optimized day-lighting for diffused light and positioned windows for efficient air flow.  As for equipment, we used a high efficiency furnace and air conditioner and a tankless water heater.

3.  How would you describe this living space? What type of person is this type of property designed for?

The living space was meant to be open, casual, and connected to the outdoors.  We designed it specifically for our family of four.  Our goal was to use space as efficiently as possible, smaller bedroom sizes upstairs, and bigger living areas on the main level.  We designed a flexible space that we use for our office, for creating art, and for accommodating house guests.

4. The floor plan seems to have a very open feel to it. What do you think is the benefit to this?

After living in several historic houses with small rooms, we wanted to live in a loft type of space. We wanted it to be open so the kids could run and dance through the space, so people could walk around without tripping over chairs and running into walls. We love to cook and have friends over, so we didn’t want to cut the kitchen off from the living area.

5. Do you think there's a signature trademark style, unique to you, that you try to include in each of your designs? If so, what would that be?

Our objective was to design a simple, functional house with a Scandinavian aesthetic. While we wanted to use “green” and modern materials, we also wanted to use natural materials and take advantage of natural light. The early renditions of the house encompassed more forms and materials, but we pushed ourselves to reduce the number of materials, simplify the form and create a calm environment.

6. What place do you think contemporary architecture has in a city like Denver?

Denver is very eclectic when it comes to architecture. Actually, it was a big criticism that we had when we first moved here from Vermont. There wasn’t a whole lot of interesting architecture in areas that we could afford.  Both of us are drawn to more modern sensibilities with open spaces, simple forms, with lots of light.