Dexter Exterior Update Studies

Concept sketch for front of house as seen from the street

As we mentioned in the first post, this house from the street doesn't have much of a presence.  Also, a clear sense of where the front door is missing too!  We've been studying some ideas for a walk and even exploring a trellis in front of the carport.  Based on other houses along the block, there is a precedent for slot or tall narrow windows with a change in materials on the front facade.  Most of the other houses also have good clerestory windows for natural daylighting of spaces at the gable ends.  This house has it at the back (south facing), but it is missing from the street facing facade.

This diffuse northern light will provide a much better experience in the rooms on this side of the house.  Since bedrooms are located in the front of the house, we will need to address privacy and emergency exiting.

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