SORAA - LED replacement bulbs

SORAA PAR20/PAR30 bulbs with a halogen PAR20 on the right.

We've explored various LED replacement bulbs (also called "lamps" in the lighting world) as they have entered the market over the last couple of years, however, none have provided the quality of light we've experienced from the SORAA products.  A shout-out to Margo at Illumination Systems here in Denver for turning us on to these great lamps.  

After testing a couple of G10 and now PAR20/PAR30 bulbs, we went all in and replaced all non-LED fixtures in our entire house.  There are definitely some up front costs, however, when you install one of these bulbs next to a regular incandescent or halogen - the contrast is amazing.  An incandescent or halogen feels dim and yellowed out, while the LED has a beautiful even beam spread with color rendering that feels museum quality.  Everything feels crisper and brighter, and colors (including whites) feel like they do with real daylight.

If you don't have the budget to purchase integrated LED light fixtures, we think that using these products in your conventional fixtures is the next best thing.

Even the lenses have a more modern and clean feel