Modern woodburning fireplaces

Wood fireplaces have typically been a central element to most homes built prior to 2000. All of our mcm homes here in the Krisana Park neighborhood of Denver were originally designed with wood fireplaces. Over time, people have chosen to convert them to gas fireplaces for ease of use, budget, and/or because the flues started to crack. Our flue was also suffering from minor cracking, for which the cost to repair was going to be about $1,500. Enjoying the warmth, smell, and coziness of a wood burning fireplace was important to us, but we didn’t want to be limited by the Denver’s fire burning restrictions either. So we explored wood fireplace inserts, which are basically high efficiency wood stoves that fit within the fireplace opening, and come with their own own flue and chimney cap. We wanted a modern solution, not a traditional looking wood stove.  So we looked at the Morsø, fabricated by a Danish company, naturally. The Morsø 5660 fireplace insert is an ”innovative advanced combustion system supplied with tertiary air, enabling the stove to comply with the requirements for environmentally-conscious heating”. This EPA approved unit allows you to burn any day of the year regardless of burn restrictions – plus it’s simple to use and appeals to the modern aesthetic!

We purchased our Morsø through Rocky Mountain Stove and had it installed by Fireplace & Grill Experts. They built an oversized seamless matching steel face plate that covered the larger opening which we think gives it a more finished look. The total cost was about $5,500. We are so excited to have a real wood burning fireplace now. Coming home to the smell of wood burning and real flames of warmth cannot be beat!

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