See below for Frequently Asked Questions that come up a lot for those who haven't worked with an Architect before.

Q. What does it cost for Cadence to design and create drawings to build my home or building?

A.  It depends.  Once we meet and see if the project is a good fit for everyone involved, we will put together a proposal that reflects what you would like to do.  This proposal is typically broken down by phase with an estimate of how many hours it will take for each.  We put a lot of thought into our proposals.

Q. What do you charge an hour?

A.  It can vary depending on the size and setup for the project, but typically it is $125 per hour for architectural design services. Interior design services are typically $100 per hour.

Q. $125 per hour!  Wow, that is a lot of money.  Why so much?

A.   As in any professional career, training and licensure is a long and difficult process.  Architects have an understanding of important things like life safety and efficient space planning and can manage an entire team of consultants to deliver a great real physical thing – a home or building that will most likely outlast your lifetime.  

Q. At this point I just want some design advice. Do you provide Consultations?

A.  Yes, we offer a site visit and will create a custom proposal for your project. We do charge a fee that is refundable if you end up hiring us. We will spend a significant time at your property to look at options and to help you establish your wish list and priorities. Click here to prepay:  Cadence Site Visit & Custom Proposals

Q. Are you an Architect?

A.  Sounds silly, but glad you asked!  Yes!  By law you cannot call yourself an Architect unless you are registered and have a license.  There are many people who call themselves an “architectural designer” or just a “designer”, however, we are the real deal.  Check out our license on the Colorado Division of Professions and Occupations and search using our license number :  ARC.00401969  

Q. What does an Architect do?

A.  An Architect takes your vision and helps you figure out how to turn a project into a cohesive end product, be it a simple renovation, a brand new home, or a commercial space.  We help you achieve what you want, provide suggestions on how to stay within your budget, and educate you about products and materials that make sense for your project.  We provide 3 dimensional visuals so that you can experience your new space before it is built. An Architect knows what the City requires in terms of drawings and can handle problems and questions that arise during construction.  Check out more about how we work here:  Cadence Design Process 

Q. What is Cadence?  How is it pronounced?

A.  It is pronounced /ˈkādns/  See what it means to us here:  About Us.  

Q.  Can we meet at night or over the weekend?

A.  We started our business as a way to have a more balanced life that includes family, leisure and work.  We work regular business hours Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.  And, unless there are some very special circumstances, we only meet with clients and crank on a job during the work week. 

Q.  Can you stamp drawings so I can get a permit for my house?

A.  We are registered in the state of Colorado and stamp our drawings.  However, most projects (other than simple non-structural remodels) will require a structural engineer.  We will hire and coordinate with the structural engineer to make sure everything goes smoothly and that structural engineer will stamp the structural drawings, while we will stamp our architectural drawings.

Q.  I have everything all worked out, but just need some drawings to submit for zoning or a building permit.  Can you provide that?

A.  Sorry.  What you need is a draftsperson or a registered architect who is willing to take on a lot of risk for very little money.  Cadence does not offer basic drafting services or stamping of drawings done by others.  We work with you to come up with something even better than you imagined and design spaces that you will want to stay in for years to come. 

Q.  You haven’t answered my question here.

A.  Please do contact us, we are happy to chat or correspond via e-mail.