A Major Transformation of a Centennial Ranch

We are very happy to be involved with the major transformation of this modest 1960’s ranch house nestled down in a great neighborhood in Centennial. It takes a big leap of faith from a homeowner to tear everything down to the studs and then also tear off the roof! Luckily our clients have been through a few renovations in the past and were totally up for it!

The homeowners spend time each year in a small vacation cabin or sometimes in an airstream and have an appreciation for living in small efficient spaces. So, we added space, but just enough and no more than needed! The old garage was converted to a kitchen and the bedroom wing extended out a bit to make it all work.

The renovation will include a new slightly higher roof which will be built over the entire existing house, a new kitchen and bathrooms, all new utilities, new windows and doors, new siding, and solar panel array.