Krisana Park Minimalist Modern

We really enjoyed designing a project for one of our neighbors here in Krisana Park.  The scope included a master suite off the back, a small addition into the side patio, garage, and a new kitchen.  These clients love modern detailing and have a clean minimalist aesthetic.  It’s great when a client’s tastes merge so perfectly with what we love to do!

The floor plan is similar to other KP homes we have worked on, however, the roof is flat over the main living space and the carport has a sloped roof that juts up and over the lower roof.

Both additions included large sliding glass doors that fully open to the exterior for a truly indoor-outdoor experience.  

For the kitchen we removed the existing wall to create a more open kitchen/dining/living space.  The client incorporated the Thermador modular appliance system.

Design process, sketches, renderings, and finished photos follow:

Finished photos by JC Buck Photography below:

Concepts & Renderings below: