Lynwood Mid-Century Modern

Tucked away a few blocks from the Krisana Park neighborhood in Denver is the sister neighborhood of Lynwood, where there are approximately 80 additional mid century modern homes that were also developed by H.B. Wolff & Co.  It has a great selection of mid century modern homes, however, the developer went further, adding unique roof lines and a variety of floor plan configurations. This enclave includes A-frames, split-levels, and larger layouts than Krisana Park, which gives it a distinctly original character. We got the opportunity to do a make-over on a beautiful split-level that has a number of cleverly positioned clerestory windows to allow light to stream into all parts of the home. With a large lot, and a 2000 SF floor plan, the project scope included updating the kitchen and finishes throughout, re-creating a master suite above the existing garage, adding a more inviting entry – as well as opening the house up with more glass to the backyard. While we were thoughtful about whether or not the butterfly roof should be preserved, the clients felt strongly that the interior ceiling heights made the space feel foreboding. Since this “butterfly” roof, or actually “M” roof is not a typical feature of the homes, we felt okay with modifying it so that the space within is efficient, spacious and pleasant. 

Renovation work was completed by ReBuild Right.

Finished photos by JC Buck below:

Design process, sketches, and renderings, and existing photos below: