We had the opportunity to work on some exterior materials studies for a very unique home located in Virginia Village.  Built during the same era as the rather boring adjacent ranch homes, this home takes on a very different look with the boxy modern straight lines.  Unfortunately, the previous owners fell victim to the 1970's blight of vinyl siding which had reached its end of life years ago and is literally falling off the house.

The studies below look at providing an affordable and durable replacement of metal siding combined with some detail around the windows facing the street.  Considering this is the west-facing facade with high sun exposure, a  wood-like product like Longboard would provide a nice aesthetic and maintenance-free solution.

From the studies, it is clear that when the upper portion of the building is darker, the house feels top-heavy, so the homeowners will most likely choose a lighter color for the materials. Painting the brick to match the upper portion would solve the top-heaviness, however, painting then becomes an upkeep issue.