Nancy Marasco:   I have always enjoyed and appreciated contemporary architecture, having grown up in two modern homes, both designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s protégé Edgar Tafel.  It became clear to me that open floor plans, refined design and the creative use of natural light enhance the functionality and ambiance of living spaces. Growing up in New England, I also developed a love of historic architecture. I went to school for it and worked for the largest historic preservation organization in Boston.  Believing that sustainability starts with historic preservation, I worked with a preservation group to save and restore historic structures and bring them up to modern standards.  Some of the most exciting projects I have worked on combine the aesthetics of historic buildings with a modern design sensibility that addresses the needs of today's less formal lifestyles. To me, modern living is about a home that is casual and inviting, within a community that encourages you to experience all that it has to offer.  I have a certificate in historic preservation from the North Bennet Street School in Boston, and am also a LEED accredited professional.  In 2010, I earned a Green Homes Certificate through CSU's Institute for the Built Environment.