Home Office Design

Home office design can be tricky. Do you share it with a guest bedroom or playroom? Will the space be used just for paying bills and filing paperwork or do you really work out of your home? If you work primarily out of your home, do you have clients that visit, do you need privacy, do you need a place to manage the books/materials that are necessary for your line of work? Our initial home office was nestled into a corner of a former garage-turned "bonus room". We shared this "office" with the litter box, laundry closet, and tv area. This situation made us really motivated to consider our work needs and helped us set priorities for our renovation. We were just starting our own firm at the time and wanted all the benefits of working from home, but desperately needed an inspiring separate workspace.

So, how do you carve out a space that functions well, minimizes the collection of clutter, has natural light, allows for privacy – but that can also be closed off when necessary?  I’m talking working at home and feeling energized within the space. Providing a space that is inviting for clients is also obviously important, especially in our field. When space is at a premium you sometimes have to sacrifice the desire for a playroom or guest room in order to benefit from all the advantages that a real home office provides. 

Once we determined our basic needs for the other spaces in our home we were left with a fairly narrow space, however with vaulted ceilings and plenty of glass, and a decent location adjacent to a rear patio, we carved out our office space and fitted it with custom built-ins, lots of counter space, and generous daylighting.

One pet peeve we always have is seeing the ridiculous amounts of cords and wires from all our computers and gadgets. Despite all the wireless capabilities these days, there are still so many cables that end up  all over desks and especially underneath along with surge protectors or wired networks. We've addressed this by building an enlarged hidden cable tray along the back of the desks while providing access from the work surface for the cables via a series of long slots. To further hide some of the equipment, we have an extra large closet with heavy duty shelving to accommodate printers and scanners. Although we do have 2 file cabinets, we are moving more and more towards a paperless office, using Evernote to scan and digitally store our documents. Since we do often meet with clients, and are unable to fit a table in our office space, our dining table or patio does double duty for us, and becomes our meeting spot.

A big thanks to Corvus Design/Build for making our ideas come to life!

Plus, a shout out to JC Buck, architectural photographer extraordinaire!


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