About us

Learn more about the history of Cadence and the dynamic duo behind our small Denver-based design and architecture studio.

Cadence is a full-service Denver-based architecture studio dedicated to crafting modern spaces.

We pride ourselves on being advocates for our clients every step of the way, providing just the right balance of support, knowledge, and vision to ensure every project stays on track and in line with our high standards for design and detail.

Why Cadence?  
pronounced kay-dents

Cadence is where rhythm, flow, and balance meet.

We named our studio Cadence because it reflects our love of cycling.

Rhythm. Flow. Balance.

Whether on the bike or designing spaces, all three are essential to a life well-lived and a home well-loved.

The Cadence Team

angelo marasco

Architect + Partner

When I show up to work, I’m most excited to tap into my love of modern architecture by hand-sketching ideas, seeing our concepts go from paper to 3D virtual worlds to a finished project. There’s nothing like seeing your architectural vision come to life.

Early influences
My work at Cadence is directly influenced by my childhood. I grew up in an off-the-grid cabin in rural Indiana, raised by a family that valued living sustainably, making things by hand, growing our own food, and making music together. My love of design and woodworking was sparked early on by my father, who built furniture and worked as an art teacher. 

My journey 
It was through this direct connection with nature that I learned to appreciate our climate and how spaces can be constructed to be in sync with our seasons. My focus on craftsmanship and quality materials was honed in high school when I worked as a carpenter and ran my own woodworking shop. Over the years, I have worked for numerous residential and commercial architects throughout Vermont and Colorado. Ultimately, in 2013, we decided to start Cadence Design Studio.

I am a registered and licensed architect in the state of Colorado and a LEED-accredited professional. 

Fun Facts  
Favorite Pastimes: Cycling and exploring. Colorado is an amazing state that will take another few decades for me to fully discover. Beyond Colorado, I enjoy seeking out architecture, and all things design in cities like Vancouver, Siena, and Barcelona. 

Favorite music (2024): Currently, Indie Folk. John Vincent III, Eric Lindell, Bon Iver 

Daydreaming about: A way to show our designs fully immersed in their context in virtual reality. Think: a modern cabin in a serene pine forest somewhere in Colorado. The Twinmotion visualization tool will get me there at some point!  

nancy marasco

Designer + Partner  

The work that excites me the most combines the aesthetics of historic and iconic architecture with a modern design sensibility. To me, modern living is all about spaces that are casual, warm, and welcoming.

Early influences
I have enjoyed and appreciated contemporary architecture for a long time, having grown up in two modern homes, both designed by Frank Lloyd Wright's protégé, Edgar Tafel. At the same time, growing up in New England also inspired my love of historic architecture and craftsmanship.  

My journey
I worked for the largest preservation group in the US for several years and went on to learn the craft of preservation carpentry. I have hands-on experience in the field and have also managed numerous preservation and renovation projects, as well as affordable housing projects.  Angelo and I met working at the Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont. Eventually, we joined forces in life and work, renovating numerous homes, and building our own home from scratch. In 2013, we started Cadence Design Studio. 

I have a certificate in historic preservation carpentry from the North Bennet Street School in Boston and am a LEED-accredited professional. In 2010, I earned a Green Homes Certificate through Colorado State University’s Institute for the Built Environment. 

College: University of Vermont, where I met my best people and skied my hardest. 

Fun Facts
Favorite pastimes: Skiing, cycling, cooking, checking out cool architecture and food. 

Surrounded by: Well-crafted furnishings, the Peloton, yoga mat, and love. 

Favorite music 2024: Ocie Elliot, Caamp 

Favorite aesthetics: Anything Hygge. Natural materials and neutral colors with splashes of earthy, organic tones. Lots of windows. Comfort.