Below are pre-payment options for some of our services.  For a current project we can invoice you through Quickbooks or Paypal so that you can pay online with a credit card or bank account.

CADENCE Retainer payments

For your convenience, we provide online payments to get started on your project (and can invoice you in this manner too if you request it).  Please select the amount listed in your proposal (there are different amounts depending on the size of the project).  You can use any credit card on PayPal (account not necessary).

Once we receive payment we'll get to work!

Purchase your Cadence Design Retainer by selecting amount in the drop-down menu and selecting the buy now button:

Retainer Amounts

CADENCE Site visits & custom proposals

We provide online payments for visiting your site and to create a detailed custom proposal.  This initial charge is credited back to your overall design fee if you hire us for the project.  You can use any credit card on PayPal (account not necessary). Once we receive payment, we will lock in a date.  Cancellations:  24 hours notice for weekdays, 48 hours for weekends.  50% charge for weekend cancelations if not notified two days in advance.


Purchase your Cadence Design Site Visit & Proposal by selecting the option from the drop-down menu for your specific needs and then selecting the buy now button:

Site Visit Amounts

Learn more about our design consults and pay for them here:

CADENCE Design Consult Payments