Stairs & Railing Transformation

Renovation always poses constraints.  While we try to look at design problems as fun challenges, it it can be a difficult process where you must follow your intuition, sketch out many options, and remain optimistic that your solution will be successful.  Such was the case with the pre-existing stairs and railing. As you can see in the photos the existing location for stairs just didn't seem right.  The owner had moved them at one point, but without careful consideration for the doors and space.  It just looked wrong. We decided to keep the location as it existed, but we reconfigured the glass and patio door, designed a custom railing (details from the original railing at the neighbor's house) and replaced the stairs with oak to match the rest of the flooring.  The result is a better functioning stair, more visual access to the great covered patio, and it now looks like it fits in!  The oak stairs make a huge difference.  See photos below.