Another mid century modern renovation

Current construction above with the rendering of the master bedroom below.

We are so excited to see the French-Meyers project break ground! (See project page here:  Krisana Park Minimalist Modern)  This home is in Denver's mid-century modern neighborhood Krisana Park, just two blocks from our own remodel.  The scope of this project includes two new additions, one to expand the living room area, the other to include a large master suite, bicycle/coffee/workout room, and a single car garage.  The clients have incredible taste, so the exquisite fixtures and finishes selected will help create some beautiful living spaces when completed!

Most of the original interior walls of the house will stay intact, however they have been stripped for installing all new utilities.

Bracing holding up the original beams while the new crawl space and foundations are created under the old carport

Looking back towards the front entry hallway and garage framing.

The carport roof was extended towards the front to provide room for a one vehicle garage. 

Side patio living room addition - floor framing complete.  The block fireplace has been removed and will be framed back in with a cool glass gas unit.