Advantages of a Custom Home

Starting from scratch to design your new home is an exceptional choice. Why?

Tailored Design: Every detail reflects your unique taste and lifestyle.

Quality Materials: When you build new, you’re not settling for someone else’s choices. You get to handpick the finest materials, finishes, and products.

Energy Efficiency: Your new home can be super energy-efficient. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about sustainability.

Flow and Function: Designing from scratch lets you design a space that fits your family's lifestyle.

Emotional  Connection: A custom home isn’t just about the materials, fixtures, finishes, and layout; it reflects you and offers lasting emotional connection.

No Compromises: There will be no more settling for “almost right.” There will be no more wondering why the previous owner made some odd decision—starting new means zero compromises.

When we designed our own custom home, we carefully considered how we wanted to live and how we wanted to feel while using the home. At least in Denver, space is at a premium, and every square inch counts and must be functional. Our priorities included naturally lit spaces, interior and exterior connections, an open loft-like space, modest-sized bedrooms on a 2nd level, an office, and a full-height basement that could accommodate our future needs. Additionally, we wanted to build a “green” home and wanted to be responsible in our product and mechanical system choices. This all led to us building a SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) home with natural and sustainable products – and a design that was decidedly Scandinavian in design and function.The simplicity of the design and materials were thoughtfully considered, and we think our home truly reflects our lifestyle. Check out more photos of our project here.

So, if you’re ready to consider building new, let’s design something extraordinary together!