Sea Ranch, CA - A 60's Modern Beach Community

During our recent trip up the California coast, we made a stop at the famous Sea Ranch community located just northwest of Sonoma. The community extends for 10 miles and comprises about 2,000 beach homes built on land that was once used for sheep grazing.

While we were biking through the area, we were struck by the stunning location and the sheer number of interesting geometric-shaped wooden homes that blended in perfectly with the wild coastal landscape. Although no two houses are exactly the same, there are unifying features that tie the architecture together, such as the use of cedar siding and fencing, pebble driveways, and natural landscaping.

In 1964, Oceanic Properties purchased the land with a vision of creating a community that exists in harmony with the natural environment. To bring this vision to life, Al Boeke, the original planner/architect brought together a team that included landscape architect Lawrence Halprin, who created the master plan. The team of residential architects came from the firm of Moore Lyndon Turnbull Whitaker.

They designed simple modern homes that meld with the landscape, hidden within the beach grasses and scrub, protected from the winds. Others were designed to take advantage of the big ocean views and the vast open fields.

The Sea Ranch development combined ecological sensitivity with aesthetic compatibility, standing as a prime example of contemporary architecture thoughtfully integrated with nature. See some of the homes below.

If you would like to explore it on a bike, check out the route we took here:

And if you're interested, there are still lots available!