Vancouver Field Trip

Vancouver, the city: This city is fantastic! It’s great to see how density is embraced and created in a sensitive and architecturally interesting way. Residential towers are situated right down by the waterfront, along with numerous parks and cycling and pedestrian paths. Apartment buildings are typically between 7-14 stories with outdoor terraces and rooftop landscaping. Cute little shops and restaurants everywhere. The most bike-friendly city that we’ve ever experienced. Real designated bike lanes throughout the city, with planters between the bike lanes and cars - and separate from pedestrians!

Vancouver Showrooms:  We had a great time exploring some of the many showrooms around the city. Better than candy shops! Beautifully curated selections at @provide_home! It’s amazing -- so perfect for the lover of the simple modern aesthetic who has some extra spending money. @informinteriors has an immense showroom in Gastown – you could spend hours in there! Another fun showroom was @avenueroadfurniture - An exquisite collection of high quality pieces & a fun space to check out also for its interior detailing. Also, a favorite in Gastown is called @Out & About, a small Japanese homewares shop featuring curated must-have objects.

If you would like to explore it on a bike, check out the route we took here: