Vipp Kitchens - Field Trip

When a kitchen is elevated to the level of fine furniture in your home, you really have something special. We had the chance to meet up with Frank & Sofie of Vipp Kitchens in Tribeca to check out their beautiful products set up and used every day in their loft. What a beautiful spot!  Frank gave us a little history about the family business - going on 3 generations, Vipp all started in Denmark with their classic trash can, fabricated for a family hair salon and then for medical clinics. They progressed to making kitchen furniture, bathroom cabinets, lights, ceramics, and household accessories, and of course, they still make their legendary trash cans.

We are drawn to them being pre-fabricated modular units made out of steel with a lightly textured powder-coated matte finish that doesn’t feel cold to the touch. The thin countertops are continuous stainless steel for longevity and durability and they add rubber in the spots that count - on the back of the handles and inside the drawers for a very quiet functioning product. The countertops/faucets and appliances are all part of the package and create a super high-quality look. Vipp is for the anti-conventional kitchen crowd with some extra funds, appealing to designers like us for its originality, functionality, and simple exquisite beauty.